Justice Climate Fund

Led by the Community Builders of Color Coalition and designed to provide capital, leverage resources, and support zero-emission technologies in low-income and disadvantaged communities across the United States.

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Our Fight

Through the Justice Climate Fund, the Community Builders of Color Coalition, led by the African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs, are committed to fighting for:

  • Over 110 million Americans living in low income and disadvantaged communities including 1 in 2 African- Americans, Latinos, Native Indians and Alaskans living in Justice 40 communities.
  • Nearly 37 million Americans living in energy poverty, experiencing high energy burdens which impacting family budgets, health and resiliency.
  • The tens of millions of Americans impacted and soon to be impacted by the increased number and intensity of climate related events (e.g., droughts, storms, floods) which stresses inadequate housing and infrastructure.
  • The thousands of communities facing negative health impacts from pollution and environmental hazards.