Community Builders of Color Coalition Proposes Enhancements to EPA’s GGRF Framework

Coalition Applauds EPA’s Efforts and Proposes Enhancements to Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Framework to Boost Benefits for Disadvantaged Communities

The Community Builders of Color Coalition is a national network of 16 financial institutions and advocacy groups committed to ensuring disadvantaged communities receive equitable benefits from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF).

The Coalition, consisting of organizations primarily led by people of color, aims to alleviate the disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income communities. These organizations, which have a national reach, notable financial strength, green initiatives, and deep community roots, are at the forefront of providing financial services to underserved communities. The Coalition has recently launched the Justice Climate Fund (JCF) intending to utilize the GGRF resources optimally for the welfare of low-income and disadvantaged communities, focusing on communities of color. Their strategy is based on community-first, distributed strength, and urgent patience principles. The Coalition continues to grow and seeks to establish partnerships that support these core principles and aims to serve disadvantaged communities across the country better.

The Coalition applauds the continued efforts of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through the GGRF, to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution across the U.S., particularly in low-income and disadvantaged communities and welcomes the opportunity to provide comments below in response to the EPA Implementation Framework for the GGRF.  The Coalition has provided a number of general comments that apply across competitions and competition specific comments.  The provided comments reflect a desire for further clarification and suggestions that they believe provide greater flexibility to achieve the EPA’s goals as set forth in the initial announcement and framework.

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