The African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs’ Justice Climate Fund Receives $5 Million Grant from the Waverley Street Foundation

Grant Advances the Community Builders of Color Coalition’s Mission to Fight for Environmental Equity in Underserved Communities Nationwide 

ORLANDO, FL – The African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs (The Alliance) announced today a generous $5 million grant from the Waverley Street Foundation to support the work of the Community Builders of Color Coalition (The Coalition) to establish the Justice Climate Fund. This significant funding will bolster the Justice Climate Fund’s efforts to submit a competitive application for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   

Through the Justice Climate Fund, the Community Builders of Color Coalition (the Coalition), spearheaded by the Alliance, is committed to providing capital and leveraging resources that create sustainable health and economic benefits for communities of color across the nation. With the $5 million grant, Waverley Street Foundation will support the African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs to (1) build the capacity of the Justice Climate Fund, (2) support the development of an application and (3) build a transition team toward implementation of GGRF. 

“Transformational change requires strong partnerships and intentional collaborations. The Coalition, a national network of 19 BIPOC-led organizations, is laser-focused on ensuring that low-income and disadvantaged communities benefit from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. With the support of the Waverley Street Foundation, the Justice Climate Fund will be able to submit a competitive application to the EPA for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funding and begin initial staffing to support its work.  This is a historic moment and opportunity for communities of color and BIPOC-led organizations that have been serving these communities for decades,” said Lenwood V. Long, Sr., President and CEO of The Alliance. 

“We support climate solutions that are grounded in and emerge from the day-to-day needs of people and local communities. Our grant partners work closely with farmers, students, investors, Indigenous peoples, advocates, and many others to make change in the here-and-now, while building toward a better future,” said Alexandria McBride, Strategy Director at Waverley Street Foundation.  “We are proud to support the dedicated team at the Alliance and the Justice Climate Fund initiative and their work empowering underrepresented communities to help foster economic justice and equity. 

The Justice Climate Fund is a new initiative designed to apply for EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds and provide equitable access to capital and resources that benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities. This grant marks a significant milestone for the Justice Climate Fund and in the Coalition’s journey toward achieving economic and climate justice for communities of color nationwide. 

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About The African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs   

The African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs, known as “The Alliance,” is a coalition consisting of over 75 CEOs from Black-led Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). These institutions include loan funds, credit unions, venture capital firms, and non-profit developers. Since its establishment in 2018, The Alliance’s extensive network has provided services across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Its members possess a unique ability to tackle issues related to housing, commercial real estate and access to capital for African American populations and communities. To learn more about The Alliance and its programs, please visit  

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